Fort Brescou 2001

For the fith time, the « CASTRES DX GANG » planned its expedition in the island of FORT BRESCOU, aka IOTA EU 148, Having decided to take part at the WPX, the 7-operators team was reinforced by 2 operators from the 01 departement. They were : F5JBR, F5VV and F5XX for the CW and the WPX-part and also F5BJW, F5AUB, F5OSN, F5RVI, F5UOE and F5BLP doing the SSB part. We used the TM5B signal for the WPX and the F5XX/P for the CW and the SSB

On May 24 at 7AM, 6 vehicles with 1.800 KG furnitures left CASTRES. After 2 hours drive, we met our friends, Joel and Andre from 01 departement, who drove all night long to join us at the boarding point. Embarkation, landing at 10h30AM, we were on the island by a beautiful weather. At once, 4 « center fed », a 42 meters long , delta loop and one TH3MK3 were set at each corners of the fortification. The first QSO were noted on our computers at 1 PM.Whereas our propagation was quite middle, by working together our 4 stations registered among 6000 QSO. In the detail we had :
- 2111 QSO through SSB ,
- 3748 QSO through CW including 2480 for the WPX.
This time, we try mostly to reach the USA and Asia thanks to the TH3MK3 and the 2 amplifiers brought especially for the occasion. From 160 Meters to 28 Mhz every range were activated. By moments on the range 7,14 or 21 there were one station no the CW and one an the SSB at the same time, which show the quality of our material and our antennas.
Once again, there was a great feeling between us. We thank F5RVI, F5OSN and F5AUB for the meals, F5BJW for the wonderful fishing, F5UOE for returning to refill the 3 generating units, which need more gas than expected.Considerating the intense traffic. We also thank F5VV and F5JBR for joining us From 01 departement and the following of the « CASTRES DX GANG » whose adress is listed below. We thank the Syndicat d’initiative from AGDE and its representative Mrs PASCUAL, for delivering us the authorizations, the restaurant « Comptoir des saveurs » from CASTRES which gently sponsored us and treated us with its delicatessen which I stongly recommend ! Last, but not least, we gratefully thank the 6000 radio fans who did contact us despite the pile-up QRM. For those who whish, you will be able to see pictures taken by F5AUB, complete report and the QSO listing on our site. F5XX remain the QSL manager.
The « CASTRES DX GANG » takes date for the nest year on another IOTA or international event. Thank you all. F5XX Bernard

"Fort Brescou 2001" est mort ... vive "Fort Brescou 2002"